doorWhether you are looking for a deeply relaxing massage, relief from tight and aching muscles or want help in assisting digestive function I can help.

I have been qualified and practicing massage since 2010. My primary treatments are Deep Tissue massage and Abdominal-Sacral massage. I often sees patients who are experiencing chronic muscle tension and pain and people with digestive issues. I also see many people who experience stress and related issues. All these problems may have an impact on our posture, muscles and digestive health. Addressing such issues may aid our well-being both mentally and physically.

My treatments are always tailored specifically to you and why you have come. I take a whole body approach using soft tissue, stretching, harmonic and other massage  specific techniques to aid you with this as well as lifestyle and after care advice.


  • Testimonials

    I saw Fiona after hearing the stomach was closely linked to our emotions. Suffering from insomnia I thought it may help. I was not disappointed. The massage is deeply relaxing and I slept like a baby for the first time in months. Fiona is professional, responsive to your needs and gives a first class treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this massage under the capable hands of Fiona.

    — Tamara, Ealing