Massage Treatments

deep tissue massageMassage Therapy is a holistic treatment that can be received for both specific muscle aches and pains or simply relaxation purposes and is aimed at being tailor specific for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage is a treatment comprising of slow, firm deep strokes and may also include friction, trigger point harmonic and stretching techniques depending on the reason you have come. Holistic Deep Tissue massage aims to access the deeper layers of the muscle. It helps by bringing relief to chronic tension and pain. Holistic Deep Tissue Massage creates deep relaxation within the body and may be beneficial to help manage stress and stress-related conditions.
Deeper techniques can sometimes cause a little discomfort and tenderness. I will though, always be sensitive your needs, communicating with you and working within your threshold. Please be aware that in the following day or two after deep tissue massage you may some muscle tenderness but this is not always the case.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is for most a time of great joy and expectation.  It is also a time where a your body goes through many changes, affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally.  Every woman is unique. Your experience may differ from others and from one pregnancy to the next.bert 4
Pregnancy massage works to help support all the changes taking place and to encourage and increase general feelings of well-being. It can have amazing benefits for both mother and growing baby and can be of immense value to both. It is an opportunity in which mum to be can have a moment alone to herself to rejuvenate and feel appreciated.
Regular massage throughout pregnancy may aid relief of tension due to postural changes. It may help stabilize the pelvic area and prepare the body for labour. It may also support relaxation, reduction in stress, help improve sleep and restfulness and reduce mental and physical fatigue. It may be beneficial in helping to reduce oedema and pain reduction. It may also help to calm the foetus.
During pregnancy massage, the treatment will be performed on a couch in a side lying position.

First treatments require a case history consultation.
Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the treatment.